Dear Community,

We trust you are enjoying the beginning of an exciting new year!

Like many of you, we were inspired by President Barak Obama’s inaugural speech and the message that each and every one of us can make a positive contribution in our world. Putting all political affiliations and differences aside, we can all share this belief.

Since 2003 we have also been inspired by YOU, our extensive Artivist community: the thousands of ordinary people doing extraordinary good in the world, and the international activist filmmakers using the power of film to raise public awareness for critical issues. 

A decade ago we founded the Artivist Organization to expand the reach of advocate filmmakers; and to educate and inspire people to get active with a cause that moved them. More than just a film festival, we guided the public “From Awareness to Positive Action” by connecting our audiences to more than 100 Organizations, where they could actively participate in positive change.  Whether it was a local or global issue, a human rights, child advocacy, environmental or animal rights issue, we were inspired by our audiences’ determination to make a difference.

This year marks the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of the Artivist Film Festival and Artivist Awards! The 10th Artivist Film Festival will highlight international films, filmmakers, community leaders, and organizations that have defined a decade of community advocacy. The televised 10th Annual Artivist Awards will honor exceptional Artists, Advocates, Community Leaders, and NGOs dedicated to raising awareness for international human rights, child advocacy, environmental preservation, and the humane treatment of animals. The awards gala will include musical performances by internationally recognized musicians and the participation of prominent celebrity advocates.

We wholeheartedly welcome your participation. Together we will continue raising awareness for humanity, animals, and the environment through inspirational films, events, and community action.

Your participation begins by taking a quick moment to join the Artivist Community Online:




Additionally, we are seeking staff members, volunteers, and interns to join the Artivist team. We have various departments needing your efforts and expertise. Click over to our new website to view all available positions and contact us today.

Furthermore, you can contribute to the Artivist Organization by pledging your financial support today. This enables us to keep tickets free for students, teachers, and seniors at our annual Film Festival.  You can even make contributions in honor of a friend, family, organization, school, and group.  Artivist is a 501c3 Charitable Organization and your donation is tax-deductible. In recognition of your generosity, all contributing members receive benefits outlined in our Donate page:

We look forward to celebrating the 10th Anniversary of ARTIVIST with you.

Together, let’s continue to raise awareness for humanity, animals, and the environment!

In Solidarity,

Diaky Diaz, Dr. Bettina Wolff Psy.D., Christopher Riedesel


ABOUT ARTIVIST:  The UNITED NATIONS has officially accepted the Artivist Collective, Inc., (producer of the annual Artivist Film Festival & Artivist Awards), for association as an NGO member of the United Nations Department of Public Information. Among the 7+ Million NGOs operating worldwide, only 1,322, (less than 1%), are affiliated with the United Nations DPI.  The Artivist Collective, Inc. is now the only NGO within the entire Department of Public Information whose main program is a Film Festival.