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feat1Executive Producers, Staff Writers, Social Media Managers, Attorney, Advisory Board Members, Art Director – Graphic Designer, Web Developers, Director – Editors, PR Assistants, Associate Producers, Interns, and more: the 10th Annual Artivist Film Festival and Artivist Awards welcomes your efforts and expertise!

As the UNITED NATIONS only Film Festival affiliated with the Department of Public Information, ARTIVIST is dedicated to Raising Awareness for International Human Rights, Children’s Advocacy, Environmental Preservation, and Animal Advocacy through film and action. More than just a film festival, we guide the public “From Awareness to Positive Action” by connecting our audiences to more than 100 Organizations, where they can actively participate in positive change.

Since 2003, the Artivist Film festival has:

  • Produced Film Festivals in 5 Countries: USA, UK, Japan, Portugal, and Mexico.
  • Screened 400+ international Films, representing over 60 countries, to 30,000+ attendees.
  • Reached more than 35 Million People with its campaigns.
  • Been featured in 150+ Newspapers, Magazines, and Blogs.
  • Collaborated with more than 100 NGOs, (including UNICEF, Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Global Green, Humane Society of the United States, PETA, CARE, Witness, Save the Children, ONE, Rock the Vote, and more).
  • Honored various Celebrities and prominent Community Leaders: Peter Fonda, Ted Danson, Mira Sorvino, Joaquin Phoenix, Alyssa Milano, Ed Begley, James Cromwell, Olivia Wilde, Mathew McConaughey, Kristen Bell, Claes Nobel of the Nobel Prize Family, and more.
  • Films Premiered at the Artivist Film Festival have received international acclaim such as ACADEMY AWARD winner “Born Into Brothels”, ACADEMY AWARD Nominees “Super-Size Me” and “God Sleeps in Rwanda”, and the Premieres of “Fast Food Nation”, “Emmanuelle’s Gift”, “Zeitgeist”, “Trudell”, “Stolen Childhoods”, “La Mission”, “ReGeneration”, and many more.

We look forward to celebrating the 10th Anniversary of ARTIVIST with you. You can participate from any location. Together, let’s raise awareness for humanity, animals, and the environment. Contact us below and join the Artivist Team!