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Read what others are saying about the ARTIVIST Movement

“On behalf of the United Nations DPI / NGO Section, responsible for the relationship between the UN and 1,500 affiliated non-governmental organizations worldwide, I would like to express my appreciation to “Artivist” for your dedication in raising public awareness…”
UNITED NATIONS – Juan Carlos Brandt, Department Of Public Information

“ARTIVIST Film Festival goes out of its way, above and beyond, to raise the alarm for awareness and impact positive change.”

“I don’t know of any other Film Festival that has the crucial mission that Artivist does. UNICEF, United Nations Children’s Fund – Andrea Nevins, Regional Board

“Thank you ARTIVIST for advancing the work of individuals, companies, and organizations who are inspired to spread bravely and truthfully the mission of creating a world that is better, safer, and saner than the one that we have today.”

“I applaud all those who organized “Artivist” to raise awareness about so many issues. You are sending a powerful and unique message.”
BARBARA BOXER – United States Senator, Artivist Honorary Board Member

“Merging art and activism is the goal of the Artivist event…a multitude of diverse viewpoints and causes.”

“ARTIVIST is committed to strengthening the advocate voice of filmmakers and artists.”

“ARTIVIST is a wonderful medium to promote awareness and action to a wide audience.”
GLOBAL GREEN USA – Matt Petersen, President

“ARTIVIST is making a unique contribution in that they use the power of film towards bringing awareness to major social issues.”
PREVENT CHILD ABUSE AMERICA – Dr. Judith Renyi, President

“The Artivist Film Festival demonstrates the tremendous potential of video to create change in our troubled world.”
WITNESS – Gillian Caldwell, Executive Director

“Artivist is perfect for bringing together the entire community. Every NGO kind of exists within its bubble focusing on its own responsibilities, and so if Artivist can bring these NGO’s together we can all share and network and get to know what each other is working on. That makes our collective communities much stronger.”
THE RED CROSS – Joseph Alvarado, Coordinator, Los Angeles Region.